End of Month Recap: March 2015

At the end of every month, I’m going to try and summarize my progress compared to previous months. I’m not going to make it long and drawn out, just a few bullet points, so here goes.

Run #61: New Horizons

That being said, for me to spend this much time outdoors and actually enjoy it is a change for me. Granted we are still in the early days of spring because I’m sure once the Texas heat starts invading, I’ll probably be singing a different tune.

No Turning Back Now

A couple weekends ago, I made plans to spend an afternoon with my friend Rhea. We both talked that week about needing new running shoes so we decided to make a lunch and shoe shopping date.

We went to Run On! in McKinney, which is a local franchise of running stores. I’ve heard a lot of good things about their selection and their staff and since I was a budding running junkie, I decided there was no better place to shop than amongst other running junkies.

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Portion Distortion and That Magic Number

Each time I leave my therapist’s office, she gives me homework assignments. This last time I saw her, one of my assignments was to look up the calorie intakes for two versions of me: me at my ideal weight, me at my current weight.