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About Me.

My name is Kristine Macabare-Adams. I am a creative problem solver and an adaptive worker living in Richardson, Texas. My specialty is WordPress and it has been for over 10 years now.

I work in the digital marketing industry as a web developer. I studied traditional advertising in college the early 2000s when digital marketing was in its infancy and then got a job at a small SEO company after graduation. It was still the wild west back then. Now I’m at one of the largest if not the largest digital media conglomerate in the country. Boy have things changed.

These days I enjoy creating things and learning about things. One of my best friends tells me she’s always interested to hear what my latest obsession is because it changes from month to month. However, some obsessions that remain constant in my life are books, anything related to productivity or organization, tech-related topics, my husband, and our fur babies.

This website documents a little bit of everything that I obsess about, both online and offline.



What I’m currently in the middle of.

Granular Changes

I’ve decided I want more, so I’m living with less. I’m chronicling my own minimizing journey, which you can follow here.

Shop Second Hand

As part of my life-minimizing efforts, I’m selling a lot of things that once brought me joy, but now need new homes.


It’s been a really long time since I’ve done any hobby coding, but I’m getting back in to it. Here’s what I have so far.

Hey, Joe!

I’m restoring my dad’s old Oklahoma Joe’s bbq smoker and I’m chronicling it here. Still under construction.


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