Start Where You Are

It’s a new year, which means the start of a new devotional. While I am not a religious person, I do I love reading a daily devotional every morning because it provides me with something to focus on as soon as I wake up. Last year I finished reading New Day, New You: 366 Devotions for Enjoying Everyday Life by Joyce Meyer, my first devotional. I began reading it in late 2013 so I didn’t finish reading it until halfway through last year. For my next one, I knew I wanted to start in January so that the book would align with the calendar.

I stumbled across Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are by Shauna Niequist a while ago and I knew this would be my next one because at its core, the author wants to achieve the same thing I’ve been working on. “Let’s savor this day,” she writes, “the beauty of the world God made, the richness of family and friendship, the good gifts of creativity and work.”

Awareness is such an important part of living a happy life. I am constantly having to remind myself of this so I like the idea of making this part of my morning routine.

Question for You: Have you ever read a devotional? What do you recommend?

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