End of the Month Recap: May 2015

2015-06-02 21.47.07Even though I didn’t post much, I logged 16 miles and 12 runs during the month of May.

It was an improvement from April.

In general, the last month has been a renewal of motivation. I got back on a more challenging workout schedule of 4 days a week. I began running again. It’s set me up for an even better June. I’ve modified my workout schedule so that I increase intensity I’m also doing a 30 day plank challenge.

Oh yeah, and I also added to my Pandora bracelet! I was so happy. I think the last time I bought a charm was probably February. It was nice to see some movement.

I’m continuing the 4 workouts a week but now I gradually increase active time to an hour. So day 1 is 30 minutes, day 2 is 45 minutes, and day 3 and 4 are both an hour.

Not only am I running, but I’ve also incorporated the elliptical as well as weight lifting. I think a little change of scenery was just what I needed.

2015-05-31 07.59.38


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