How to Manage Squeaky Wheels

I had a tough day at work today.

I don’t write about my job often. I hate talking about my job, period, unless it’s to someone that’s in my industry. Because industry people, they get it. They understand the tediousness, the insane clients, the long hours, the ridiculous demands, the “Oh, god, it’s Monday again” feeling.

Non-industry people, especially non-website savvy people, never get it. And anytime I have to gripe about work, I feel like I have to give a lesson on how the Internet functions or how databases and PHP make a website work first before I can get to my story.

But today. Today was so frustrating that I had to tell Craig about it and I had to do a lot of talking, which I rarely do.

I think what was most frustrating is I was dealing with things that could’ve been avoided. They were simple relationship management things that, had been done, wouldn’t have taken up any more of our time.

But like most overworked, underpaid employees do, we give the squeaky wheel the grease. Then we’ll move on to the next one.

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