I Must

The first thing I’m supposed to do is come up with my Must List. If you’re curious about what I’m talking about, check out the 21-Day Journey to Minimalism. That being said, here’s mine:

  • I must change.
  • I must stop mindlessly spending money.
  • I must make conscious decisions as a consumer.
  • I must only own things that add value and joy to my life.
  • I must make healthier food choices.
  • I must exercise daily.
  • I must foster healthy relationships and let go of (or set boundaries for) toxic ones.
  • I must spend my device time wisely.
  • I must read and write every day.
  • I must meditate.

Coming up with lists always seems to be a difficult task, but this one magically came together in about 30 minutes with only minor editing. What made it easy was I already had a lot of these things in my head as things I “should” be doing, which is exactly what Joshua and Ryan talked about in their Day 2 post. These are things that are meaningful to me already.

What Else I’m Doing to Move Forward

I’ve already listed items I no longer need or use, things like clothes with the tags on them, tote bags and storage bins that aren’t storing anything and only taking up space. I’ve even listed designer eye shadow palettes that have never even been used. For the items that aren’t profitable or in-demand, I’ve already started generating a pile in the garage of stuff to be donated. or thrown away. You can view some of these items on my eBay store.

“Granular changes produce grandiose results,” I repeat to myself. Each time it’s uttered, it feels more and more like a brick in the foundation of a better future.

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