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Izzie and bags ready to go!
Izzie and bags ready to go!

The timing of Friday night’s sleepover was absolutely flawless. I was ready to celebrate a successful week by relaxing and unwinding before I had to start it up again. I stopped by the house to pick up my overnight bag and, of course, Izzie. Dogs were totally welcome at the sleepover.

Crosstown traffic was still in effect, but I was in such a good mood I didn’t mind it. In fact, even Fergie’s song Fergalicious was less annoying, to which I danced and sang along in the car.

When I arrived, Caroline and her sister Florence were already in the living room snacking on pizza and watching movies in their PJs. The spread was artfully thought through and arranged on a pink table sheet with confetti all around. Pizza, chips, dips, wings, wine and cheesy bread sticks, it was carb heaven. Even though I told my therapist I would eat healthy, I realized this would not be possible. It was Friday after all and I had just finished a really hectic week at the office so I wanted to completely vegetate. It was the best weekend ever, one that I wish didn’t have to end.


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