When You Least Expect It

“You know… I’ve always believed that when you get this inkling to declutter and purge, it means you’re unconsciously preparing for a significant change in your life.”

My good friend and hair stylist said that to me the last time I was sitting in his chair. “Really?” I said.

He nodded confidently. “Yeah, if you think about it… you’re getting rid of the old and unnecessary things in your life when you declutter. It leaves room for newer, better things.”

Like relationship feng shui. I was unconsciously letting the universe know that I was ready for change.

Even when I sat in my therapist’s office and flat out told her, “I don’t think I want to date right now. I feel like it would distract me from working on me.”

I mean, how could I know what I want in a relationship, how I can present myself to someone, when I’m not even sure who I am? I felt like I got it. I finally had the secret to life and grown up relationships.

Instead, the universe heard my declaration and said I needed to be tested. It said, “She thinks she’s figured it out? Well, we’ll see about that.” So a week later, Craig finds me.

He is incredibly smart and funny, very focused and driven. He’s got this passionate personality–as if someone lit a fire under him the day he was born and he’s been going ever since. We spend hours talking about everything almost every night. And it’s not just him talking about himself, it’s him engaging with me, asking about me, but also me engaging with him so that we learn about each other equally. And most of all I admire him. I know this because when I think about something he said or did, I smile unconsciously.

What’s even better? He’s not perfect, and he’s aware of it.

So, universe, I get it. You want me to know that sometimes there are things I can’t control. You want to test me? You want to see if I can juggle dating someone while trying to maintain a heathy lifestyle and habits?

Bring it.

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