How Time Passes

I've walked past it probably millions of times from when I used to play in the yard as a kid to when I got my driver's license and parked my first car in front of it for shade.

Activity Tracker Accuracy: How Important Is It?

One thing I have noticed about this new tracker though is that it seems to record a lot more steps than the UP24 band. Does this mean my Jawbone had been recording less activity than what I was actually doing?

Blank Canvas

“If you had to write a bio about yourself, what would it say?” my therapist asked me one day. I didn’t know. I couldn’t come up with anything that I could recite with conviction. And even what I did come up with didn’t satisfy or sound interesting to me. It didn’t sound like who I thought I was as a person.

Run #91: Remembering Why I Run

I’ve broken past my weight loss plateau, but just barely. And last week, I kinda overindulged at Ra Sushi with my friend Caroline, had lunch at Bread Zepplin with Briana (MMM… BREAD), and ate BBQ with my mom for 4th of July dinner because, well, meat.

Hi Dad, It’s Me, Kristine.

It's Father's Day so to remember my dad, I want to tell a story about him. A few years ago, my mom was browsing the paper one Sunday morning when she came across a diamond ring that was on sale.