1 2 3, 1 2 3, Drink.

I'm walking a fine line between coping and escaping these days. Actually I've been walking that line for a while now, some days I'll feel like I've got things under control, other days I'll feel like I'm losing it.

Returning the Balance

If I'm having an off week, like I have been lately, one of the first things we always look at is where in my life am I lacking? Or what am I getting too much of? What is causing me stress?

Heart Matters

See I am cautiously optimistic. I believe people can change. How could I not, considering I'm trying to make significant life changes as well. I didn't want to hold a grudge just yet.

One Good Thing

If there's anything good I've been doing for myself lately, it's eating well most of the time. I've started the zone diet again so I've been back on the meal planning wagon. I'm beginning to assemble healthy breakfasts by heart. Now if I can only do the same for lunch and dinner.