Lawn Makeover: Feeding and Watering

This is part 2 in a multipart series on my lawn makeover project.


Here I was sitting on my front porch on an early Sunday morning. The weather was crisp and cool as early autumn weather should be. I had a cup of coffee in my lap and my new little lawn sprinkler going. Not a care in the world, nor a thought in my head. I just sat there and enjoyed the rhythmic pulsing of the water and the occasional car drive by while sipping my coffee.

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Susan Homemaker v. 2.0: Lawn Makeover

This is part one of a multi-part series.

I’ve never lived in a house before (other than the one I grew up in) so typical home maintenance tasks are alien to me. In fact, up until recently, my definition of “outdoor living” meant sitting out on the patio of a tex-mex restaurant in an urban neighborhood with a margarita in my hand.

But of course as fate would have it, not only do I fall in love with a man who lives in a cute little house, but said cute little house comes with a really large yard.

So I’ve embraced this new life of mine. I’ve seen its potential and I’ve accepted the challenge. I’m going to take this domesticity thing a step further with a series of posts called Susan Homemaker v. 2.0 (“Suzy” just sounds so juvenile and unsophisticated). I’m going to work on putting some life back into this neglected little home, using brains, a feminine touch, and a little tech know-how, one project at a time beginning with the front lawn. Continue reading “Susan Homemaker v. 2.0: Lawn Makeover”