Lawn Makeover: When to Hire Lawn Care Professionals

Halloween has come and gone and so have the first few weeks of the mild fall we had. Really, when I say mild, I really mean mild. There were days when temperatures reached into the upper 80s, I forgot it was still October.

But finally it feels like fall is here now. It’s rained over an inch so far since Sunday and temperatures have been down in the 60s.

I’ve continued my usual lawn tasks: watering during the weeks when there’s no rain, pulling weeds where I find them (which is everywhere), and raking leaves when they start to take over the yard.

With the rain the last two weeks, I’ve received a well-earned break from yard work and I’ve been able to sit back and let mother nature handle the rest of it. It’s given me some time to do a bit of thinking and it’s made me wonder: am I in over my head with this yard project?

A few weeks ago as I was throwing a weed into my 398th bucket of weeds, I looked around me and I felt this overwhelming sense of dread… like… “Oh, my god. This yard goes on forever. And the weeds keep coming back!”

I talked to Craig about my worries. “Maybe we really should just look into getting the lawn professionally redone,” he said.

And it’s not that the idea had never crossed my mind. It’s just that I thought we could save a lot of money if we just did it ourselves. But you know that old saying, “Time is money.”

Maybe ultimately it would be more cost efficient if we did hire lawn care professionals to redo our yard?

Why We’re Considering Hiring a Lawn Care Professional


The most inviting value that lawn care professionals bring to the table is their expertise, which is something we can’t match. And yes, not even after all the Googling I’ve been doing the past couple months on lawn care tips.

Manpower & Professional Lawn Care Equipment

Lawn care professionals are also equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to care for a yard. Not only that, they often have teams of 2-4 people working on a house at a time. This is definitely something Craig and I can’t replicate. If you know anything about project management, the more resources you put into a task, the shorter the duration. So we could essentially have a better lawn in a shorter amount of time than if we did it ourselves. And with both of us working 40+ hours a week, plus other commitments, that alone is a promising factor.

While we believe that a DIY lawn care program is ultimately something we’re going to adopt long term, right now maybe it’s better to get help in the beginning.

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