20150605-StopFrom the moment I got to my desk, I’ve been going going going. Physically, mentally. Two major projects have been put on my plate, one with a short deadline, the other with an even shorter one.

There was a moment today where I just needed a few minutes of quiet time. Lunchtime can bring a lot of people into our office kitchen, so I decided to take advantage of an earlier lunch hour and reheat my leftover Thai food in peace.

And just like I enjoy doing at home, I stood at the kitchen counter with my bowl of food and my book and I read and ate lunch, not even acknowledging anyone who walked by.

Surprisingly this very simple ritual was re-energizing. At times yes it can be difficult to get a few minutes of alone time when you work in a bustling agency where being social is the norm. But most of my peers seem to pick up on my need for this so it works somehow.

Agency life is harsh and unforgiving at times. It can chew you up and spit you out in the worst way if you let it. It’s good to push yourself and test your limits. But it’s also good to know when you need to stop, reflect, and re-fuel.