What’s Growing On: Week 6

We’re entering week 6 of our first spring garden. If you want to go back to my previous update, Week 3, click here. Last weekend we finally finished filling up the raised garden bed. I marked out the grid with some twine and started planting some cold weather vegetables like lettuce, French Breakfast radish, and carrots. This weekend I also added spinach, green onions, shallots, and sugar snap peas.

We still have a lot of leftover soil, so we filled about 5 20-gallon fabric pots with some of it and transplanted some Lacinato kale and Premier kale. I’m not sure what’s going to go in the other pots at this point, but I like having the extra space.

Also several of my indoor seed starts are taking off. I’ve moved my eggplant and basil into larger pots. I set them out on the front porch to get a little late afternoon sun.

I have more than enough eggplant happening here so I’m giving one pot to my mom.
I also have a lot of basil going on here as well, but no one can ever have too much basil.

My pepper plants are also getting their second set of true leaves so they they’ll graduate into larger pots as well. Pretty soon I will need another location for a grow light setup to accommodate taller seedlings and young plants because as you can see in the photo below, some of my peppers are outgrowing the height of the current grow light, which is only setup for smaller seedlings.

Various peppers showing 4 weeks of growth.

I’m so pleased with how everything is coming along. The only thing that could ruin it right now is some freezing winter weather, like what they’re predicting this week.

Below freezing temperatures on Wednesday and wintry mix! Luckily I saw far ahead enough and was able to order this 10′ x 50′ package of garden fabric and some flexible garden hoops. I don’t have much to cover, but hopefully I won’t need to use all of it or any of it.

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