Run #34: Building Character

February 5, 2015It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a workout like this where I couldn’t wait for it to be over. And unfortunately it was one of my peak mileage days, which makes it more important that I complete it.

I think outside events had a major role in making today exceptionally hard. Clients were being pissy at work so everyone was on edge. I worked late this evening, as well as Tuesday so I was already mentally just worn out. I would’ve much rather been stretched out on my couch, remote in hand and Netflix on the TV, but I went to the gym anyway because I wanted to say I accomplished something I was proud of this week.

I started late which was another thing going against me. My timing was off, my breathing was all over the place. I wasn’t really into the podcast I was listening to so I put on some Britney, which made my pace even worse. A woman showed up in the workout room with her toddler who smelled like a combination of fast food and dirty diapers. So many things about tonight were just wrong.

But I didn’t give up.

Even though it wasn’t my best, I kept going. Finish… finish… finish… was all I kept chanting in my head. I refused to look down at the counter to see how much I had left to go because I didn’t need anymore discouragement.

I think it’s important to have days like today. It keeps us humble and reminds us that we’re human. We will no doubt have imperfect days. When that happens, we have to reach for something beyond our own understanding to push ourselves forward.

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