Fostering an Environment for Growth

When I was younger, I disliked change. I was comfortable in the familiar. I think part of that fear is deeply connected to not accepting one’s own mortality. But as I became older, I realized that change is necessary to allow for growth. Now I embrace it.

In my therapy session this week, we continued to focus on improving my mood. I admitted that while I was only wavering at 75% of the way there, I said I was better than I had been the previous week.

As we were putting together my homework assignments, I commented to her that I think awareness is an important tool for me so I wanted to be sure to track my accomplishments in each area on a daily basis.

“I think novelty is a huge motivator for me as well,” I said. “So maybe if I also mention I need to introduce an element of novelty in each area–like something new, or something different–I think that would help increase my happiness.”

Novelty. This is an important element in signifying progress. Learning something new, accomplishing new goals, stepping outside your comfort zone… These are all things that, when done over time, can create a sense of change.

How do you feel about change? Do you welcome it or do you hesitantly accept it?

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