Run #61: New Horizons

2015-03-29 12.01.17I’ve never been the outdoorsy type. I never grew up camping. In fact, I’ve never even slept in a tent. My idea of being outdoors is sitting on a patio somewhere, possibly overlooking a lake, with an ice cold margarita in hand.

That being said, for me to spend this much time outdoors and actually enjoy it is a change for me. Granted we are still in the early days of spring because I’m sure once the Texas heat starts invading, I’ll probably be singing a different tune.

This weekend I’ve spent more outdoor time with Izzie. I’ve decided that weekday workouts are just for me while weekends are for Izzie since she tends to get distracted out on the trail. Also she’s not really able to do a full 2 miles just yet (but we’re getting there).

Lately I’ve been scoping out different trails nearby. I decided to check one out for run #61. It was a drive, but still close enough for it to be convenient.

We arrived around 10:00 and by then, the park was already populated with other runners and cyclists. It wasn’t too bad, even though Izzie does get anxious around strangers and other dogs.  Our start was a little rough. I was trying to figure out the best way to ease us into the traffic flow and Izzie just wanted to pee on everything in sight. This made me thankful that I’d already completed my own workouts earlier this week, otherwise I don’t think I would’ve had the patience for her.

Finally we got into a good rhythm. We crossed other runners and other dogs on the path, did the neighborly, courteous good morning greetings, nods, and smiles. We even met a little shih tzu who stopped and said hello to Izzie, and whom Izzie graciously tolerated.

The paved path meandered along a winding creek and a series of man made ponds. At around the 1 mile mark, Izzie stopped and fell onto a pile of warm, green shaded grass to catch her breath. I could’ve pushed her into continuing on, but we were at the last bend of the path where the series of ponds stopped and there were a few trees along the edge of the water. At that moment, I decided it was more important to stop and enjoy the scenery than to continue on with the workout.

I led her off the path and we sat down in the shade of a tree next to the pond, Izzie in front of me. It was nice to have the break and just sit there enjoying the breeze and the water.

2015-03-29 11.05.03

I knew the break was over when Izzie stood up and looked at me anxiously. She wanted to get back on the trail. So we did, but this time we headed back the way we came where I’d parked the car.

March 2015 Log

RunDateTimeDistance (Miles)Pace (Time / Minutes)
613/29/1530m 22s1.5819m 9s
603/28/1533m 58s1.6820m 11s
593/25/1546m 18s2.1921m 8s
583/23/1523m 20s1.0621m 54s
573/21/1536m 16s2.1017m 16s
563/21/1555m 19s2.4122m 56s
553/19/1525m 38s1.0723m 50s
543/17/1512m 15s0.5024m 17s
533/16/1523m 56s1.1121m 33s
523/14/1523m 34s1.1720m 5s
513/12/1523m 19s1.1021m 1s
503/9/1550m 20s2.1423m 26s
493/8/1522m 20s1.0321m 41s
483/7/1525m 27s1.1322m 25s
473/6/1520m 31s0.9721m 3s
463/6/1514m 11s0.5824m 22s
453/5/1550m 20s2.1922m 58s
443/1/1550m 16s2.2722m 6s
With the weather warming up, I'm hoping to beat my average mileage from last month.

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