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Thanks for Everything, 2017!

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2017 was a pretty good year I gotta admit. I married the man of my dreams, and had the wedding of my dreams that included my dog. Oh, and I also got high for the first time and threw a few axes (not in the same day).

When Izzie Cries, I Cry Too

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Halfway back, Izzie walked into a patch of wild grass in between two office buildings. It didn't occur to me that she would come across anything devastating to our morning.

Breaking Barriers by Breaking Wind

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'Oh, by the way, you farted last night.' If you ever want to know what married people talk about first thing in the morning after waking up. It's this. 'What?' I asked. 'Really I did?'

An Ode to the Man I Married

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I know this man who has a magical power. It is a keen ability to wedge his way into the cracks of a person's wall and turn their frown upside down. This man just happens to be my husband.