Progress Reports

Here I log my workouts.

No Turning Back Now

A couple weekends ago, I made plans to spend an afternoon with my friend Rhea. We both talked that week about needing new running shoes so we decided to make a lunch and shoe shopping date.

We went to Run On! in McKinney, which is a local franchise of running stores. I’ve heard a lot of good things about their selection and their staff and since I was a budding running junkie, I decided there was no better place to shop than amongst other running junkies.

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Run #48: Everyone Has Their Demons

In my last session, my therapist said she's seeing the consistent weight loss we've been looking for. I've finally made the lifestyle change so many doctors and nutritionists talk about, and so many people like me want to achieve.

Run #43: I Really Am Still Alive

Well it's almost been 2 weeks since my last post. I know you're probably thinking, "Well, here it is. It's the inevitable, she's given up." Quite the contrary.